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First published in 2003, Blankets is an amazing and beautiful graphic novel written and illustrated by Craig Thompson, American graphic novelist famous for his works such as Habibi and Good-bye, Chunky-Rice. In this autobiographical work, Thompson recalls his childhood, his coming-of-age stage, and his first love. In this book, Thompson also focuses on his spiritual journey, how growing up in an Evangelical Christian family has profoundly affected his life.

In this marvelous illustrated memoir, Thompson takes readers into his rather rough childhood: he always became the target of the bullies at school, his inconsiderate teachers, his relationship with his little brother Phil, and how he found their passion in drawings and art. In the later stage of his teenage years, Thompson met a girl who brightened up his seemingly gloomy life. It was his first love, Raina. Also around that period, Thompson faced an inner battle as he sometimes felt his passion in making illustrations somehow contradicted the Christian values he got from his devoted Christian parents.

Blankets has been a very successful graphic novel, commercially and critically. Almost all critics gave it very positive reviews. It won 3 Harvey Awards, 2 Eisner Awards, and 2 Ignatz Awards. In their lists, Time magazine put it at #1 in 2003 Best Comics list and at #8 in Best Comics of the Decade.

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