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Read P. Craig Russle’s Fantastically Chilling Graphic Novel Adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline

Read online Neil Gaiman's Coraline graphic novel, a marvelous dark fantasy adaptation by P. Craig Russell.
Read online Coraline graphic novel
First published in 2002, Coraline is a children’s dark fantasy book written by one of the most renowned modern fantasy authors Neil Gaiman. The book has achieved huge success, won several prestigious awards, and become a bestseller. In 2008, American comic artist P. Craig Russell made a fantastically chilling graphic novel adaptation of the book. The graphic adaptation has also been a success, commercially and critically.

The story in Coraline graphic novel follows the creepy adventure of Coraline Jones, a young intelligent and courageous girl who likes to explore. She lives with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Both her parents love and care about her very much, but they are often too busy to spend time with her. This situation makes Caroline grow into an independent and adventurous girl.

She and her family just move into a new flat, part of an old house that has been renovated into several flats. She makes friends with her new unique neighbors, unique characters who like and say rather weird stuffs. After she finds a bricked up door in the new flat, one of her new neighbor, Mr. Bobo, says that his mice have a message for her, “Don’t go through the door.”

When she’s at home alone, Coraline opens the bricked up door and finds that the bricks are gone. Now there is a tunnel behind the door. Despite Mr. Bobo’ warning, Coraline goes pass the door and through the tunnel. She arrives in the “other” world. In this other world, everything looks the same as the real world. Coraline meets her other parents and also her other neighbors there.

At first glance, everything feels better in the other world, her other parents are there for her, the food tastes better, her neighbors are more interesting. However, everything changes when Coraline’s other mother persuades her to have the button eyes to become one with the other world and live forever there. Coraline then meets the ghosts of the children from the past who had let their other mothers put the button eyes.

When her other mother won’t let her go back to her real world, and to free her parents and the children ghosts, Coraline must muster up her courage and be brave to challenge her other mother. She has to find all the souls of her parents and the children ghosts. To do so, she must explore every corner of the other world. Coraline will have to pull up all her bravery and wit to be able to collect the souls, because her other mother does all she can to hinder Coraline from achieving her goal.

Nail Gaiman has presented a marvelous read with his book Coraline and with his amazing artistic work, P. Craig Russell has successfully brought the story into life with Coraline Graphic Novel.

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it was a good book

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it might be one of my favorite books ever